SWAK Productions is composed of Stefanie Wiens and Angus Kohm.

Stefanie Wiens is a producer/writer/director, and also has rewarding parallel careers as a pediatric occupational therapist and a theatre actor. This unusual combination of skills led her first to write plays for children, and ultimately led to her producing (and writing and directing) a number of educational/industrial videos for health care clients.  She is now enjoying the challenge of applying what she’s learned through her industrial producing to SWAK’s dramatic and documentary projects.

Angus Kohm is a writer/director/producer with many credits in both theatre and film. As the founding producer of the Scirocco Drama Manitoba High School Playwriting Competition, he has developed over sixty new plays by teenaged writers.  As a playwright, he has been produced across Canada and in the U.S., including twice Off-Off-Broadway in New York.  As a screenwriter/director, he has worked on several low budget independent films, as well as a pilot for CBC Television.  He has also worked as a D.O.P./Cameraman and Editor on educational and industrial videos.

Wiens and Kohm have been collaborators for 20 years, and formed SWAK specifically to develop film/video projects.

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